Colts Neck Board of Health

Meetings:   First Tuesday of Every Month, 7:00 p.m.

Town Hall Meeting Room, 124 Cedar Drive

The Board of Health of Colts Neck Township is established according to the provisions of N.J.S.A. 26:3-3, Chapter 3, Article 1, Subdivision B, as amended by L. 1953, Chapter 349, Page 1918, Section 1.  The Board oversees the activities of the Health Officer. They meet once a month to review his report and make recommendations for future programs.

The mission of the Colts Neck Board of Health is to be an advocate for the health of the community.  This is accomplished through the provision of appropriate services and the enforcement of applicable codes in an effort to maintain the health, safety and comfort of all residents.

The largest portion of the Health Department’s time is spent reviewing plans and specifications for new septic systems and performing inspections of new systems during construction. This is also true of water well construction, as the Township has no public water supply.

Since Colts Neck has no public sewers, each dwelling (and commercial property) is served by a septic system. A major function of the Colts Neck Board of Health is to hold hearings to review the soil logs and permeability data for each new subdivision and site plan.

The Board of Health performs many other functions throughout the year. For example, free flu shots are administered to the senior citizen population, free rabies shots are given annually to dogs and cats, and each retail food establishment is inspected at least annually.

Michael Viola, Liaison December 31, 2018
Annemarie DelleDonne December 31, 2018
Pam Sokoler December 31, 2021
Dr. Michael Rothberg December 31, 2018
James C. Schatzle December 31, 2020
Elizabeth Iacono December 31, 2018
Dr. Gordon Boak December 31, 2021
Jeffrey Reisinger December 31, 2018
John Rocco, Alternate 1 December 31, 2019
Linda Stagliano, Alternate 2 December 31, 2018
Thomas Frank, Health Officer
Ruth Leininger, Recording Secretary