Colts Neck Farmland and Open Space Committee

Meetings: Second Monday of Every Month Commencing January, 7:30 p.m.

Town Hall Meeting Room, 124 Cedar Drive


A. The Farmland and Open Space Committee shall prepare a report recommending which parcels of land should be acquired in fee simple and/or those parcels of land from which the Township should acquire development rights only.

B. The Farmland and Open Space Committee shall submit to the Township Committee a prioritized list of properties which it recommends that the Township acquire and/or properties from which it recommends that development rights should be acquired. The Township Committee shall review the list as submitted and make a determination as to which properties are to be acquired and shall state the amount of funds that the Township Committee shall make available for such acquisition.

C. After selection of the properties to be acquired referred to in Subsections A and B above, the Township may proceed to acquire by gift purchase or be eminent domain proceedings, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 20:3-1 et seq., the identified parcels within the financial constraints established by the Township Committee.

Thomas Orgo, Liaison December 31, 2018
Jena Cosimo, Chair 2018 December 31, 2020
Kevin Walsh December 31, 2019
Abbey Feiler December 31, 2019
Thomas Morin December 31, 2019
Joanna Connelly December 31, 2018
David Barclay December 31, 2018
Michael Stivala December 31, 2020
Richard Rehm December 31, 2018
Albert D. Yodakis December 31, 2020
Vacancy, Secretary

Alternate Members:

Janine Pinguelo, Alternate 1                   December 31, 2019

Alison DeNoia, Alternate 2                      December 31, 2018