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Town Hall Meeting Room, 124 Cedar Drive

The Historical Preservation Committee shall be responsible to:

A. Prepare and maintain a survey of historic structures and sites within the Township from 1875 and earlier.

B. Carry out advisory, educational and informational functions as will promote historic preservation in the Township.

C. Preserve the heritage of the Township by preserving resources within the Township which reflect elements of its cultural, social, economic and architectural history.

D. Promote appreciation of historic structures and sites for the education, pleasure and welfare of the local population.

E. Encourage the appropriate maintenance and preservation of historic structures and sites.

F. Promote the conservation of historic structures and sites and to invite voluntary compliance for said conservation.

G. Monitor and recommend to the Township Committee the submission of any grants related to historic preservation.

H. Monitor and recommend to the Township Committee the inclusion of any structures or sites within the state or federal historical register.

I. Recognize structures and sites from 1875 and earlier with appropriate plaques.

J. Collect and maintain an oral and pictorial history of the Township.

Lillian G. Burry, Chair December 31, 2018
Frank Rizzuto, Liaison December 31, 2018
Susan Baker December 31, 2019
Dalton Hamlin December 31, 2020
Patricia Eastman December 31, 2019
Cindy Feury December 31, 2018
Shirley Miller December 31, 2020
Mary Fournier December 31, 2020
Janine Pinguelo December 31, 2019
Patricia Mitchell December 31, 2018
Antoinette Morello December 31, 2018
Vacancy December 31, 2018
Maggie Osmulski December 31, 2019
Ann Rippa December 31, 2020
Joanna S. Connelly December 31, 2019
James C. Schatzle December 31, 2019
Michele Battista, Secretary

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