Based on a recent Wildlife Committee report made to the Township Committee, there is an increased risk to public safety due to motor vehicle incidents with deer and an increased risk for the incidence of lime disease.  May 10, 2017 Report

By Ordinance No. 2016-17, hunting is permitted on “parcels of three (3) acres or larger” which may be “aggregated continuous acreage of more than one landowner”. This is a step forward designed to reduce the deer population and result in fewer motor vehicle accidents, reduced incidents of Lyme disease, reduced loss to agriculture and damage to property.

What is required to meet the amended ordinance requirements for hunting?

  • Must be private property.
  • Hunters must possess required licenses and zone permits issued by NJ State Fish & Wildlife Division for hunting white-tailed deer.
  • Hunters must carry written permission from all pertinent landowners while hunting. NO exceptions.

Summer months are the time to plan for the Fall 2017 hunting season.

Please e-mail the Wildlife Committee to discuss your needs:

Ordinance 2016-17 – Amendment to the “No Discharge Municipal Code

DEP News Release – Deer Rutting Season 


  • If you are still at the scene of the incident, call Police non-emergency dispatch 732-462-4343 and an Officer will be on the scene shortly.
  • If you have left the scene of the incident, report your event by completing the SR-1 (on-line completion and print versions follow) and mail it to the State.