The Clean Communities Program was created in 1986 with funding from taxes levied on the sale of litter generating products. On December 2, 2002, The Clean Communities Fund was reauthorized. Twenty-one counties and five hundred fifty-eight municipalities are eligible to receive funding.

Program Requirements

Acceptance of the grant is recognized and included in the Municipal Annual
Budget. Acceptance requires recipients to maintain program efforts and to utilize funds for the
following purposes:

  • Litter cleanup and removal
  • Enforcement of local anti-littering laws
  • Purchase of trash and recycling receptacles for placement in public areas
  • Sponsorship of “Adopt-A-Highway, Park or School” program
  • Education programs to promote Clean Communities

Finally, municipalities are encouraged to enlist the services of volunteer groups, community
service and court run alternate sentencing programs to assist in locally sponsored cleanup


  • Any and all volunteer groups within Colts Neck are welcome.
  • Volunteer groups are defined as: Cub Scouts, Boy and/or Girl Scouts, church groups and other similar organized groups.
  • Clean Communities Volunteer Information


  • You are required to perform one or up to three cleanups per year. The year begins in January 1st and ends November 15th.
  • You must have twenty or more participants and spend four hours per cleanup.
  • You must return your summary reports within three days after the cleanup, failure to do so will result in termination of your program.
  • Any organization that wishes to sponsor an “Adopt a Highway” program involving a State Highway must first contact the “Adopt a Highway” coordinator within the New Jersey Department of Transportation at 7-800-2-adopt1 prior to any highway cleanup activities.


All above can be duplicated.

Elaine Mann, P.O.Box 486, Colts Neck, New Jersey 07722.

Scholarship requirements,contact Colts Neck High School to apply.

Letters of merit are available by contacting Elaine Mann.

Things residents can do to keep Colts Neck Clean:

  • Don’t litter
  • Never throw anything down stormdrains
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Recycle and reuse
  • If you see litter in front of your residence, please pick it up
  • If you spot illegal dumping, call the Colts Neck Police (732)780-7323

Online Resources:

Now you know how to keep Colts Neck clean!! We hope you will join the team. Thanks for
taking the time to read about Clean Communities Program and how to become a member of the
team that is part of the solution of unsightly litter.

Program Contact Person:
Elaine C. Mann
Volunteer Coordinator
P.O. Box 486
Colts Neck, New Jersey 07722
Telephone Number (732)308-0021