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NJNG Meter Exchange Program

New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) has partnered with Precision Pipeline Solutions (PPS) to conduct a meter exchange program.  Not all NJNG customers will have their meters exchanged.  Only specific, individually identified meters are being exchanged.  The contractor, PPS will call customers whose meters will be exchanged and the customers will also receive letters, starting the week of September 11, 2017.

When the meter exchange takes place, the gas service to the customers’ appliance will be shut off and a representative from PPS will need to enter the home to relight the appliances.  The customer can make arrangements with PPS to have the gas service restored at a later time if the customer is not home during the work.  There is no cost to the customer for these services.

For additional information, please click on the following link: NJNG Meter Replacement Program

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The Township Tax Assessor, William Laird, is providing the answers to frequently asked questions regarding the annual reassessment and its impact on property taxes in the following link:

Annual Reassessments and Property Tax Impact FAQs


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The Emerald Ash Border (EAB) is an insect which reliably kills ash trees. Having devastated ash trees in the mid-West for several years, it is now present throughout Monmouth County. Treatment before infection has taken hold is highly effective.  If untreated infected ash trees will die.

Colts Neck residents needing more information about managing EAB in their own trees can find it on the attached links from Rutgers University and the Monmouth County Parks System (MCPS). Private arborists should be consulted in both identifying ash trees as well as treatment options for trees on private property.

Rutgers University Plant Pest Advisory

MCPS Newsletter EAB Information

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Many Township residents are receiving telephone solicitations from companies who request electric account information, then find they have been switched to another electric provider without their authorization.  These callers are NOT part of the Township’s Energy Aggregation Program and no one from the Township’s program perform telephone solicitations.  Energy supply accounts are being switched from the Township’s Energy Aggregation Program electrical supplier, TriEagle Energy LP, to other companies often having a three year contract to follow!  If you have had your account moved from TriEagle Energy LP to another unauthorized company, please contact Town Hall (732-462-5470, x 100) to assist in returning you to the Colts Neck Energy Aggregation Program supplier, TriEagle Energy LP.

TriEagle Energy LP is the supplier of electric energy under the Township’s Energy Aggregation Program for a two-year period ending in December 2018.

The Colts Neck Energy Aggregation Program, Round II, now has its own location within this website.

Please visit “Information” “Energy Aggregation Program, Round II” for most current information.

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PROPERTY INSPECTIONS – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As part of Monmouth County’s  Real Property Annual Assessment Demonstration Program, staff of Realty Data Systems will begin interior and exterior property inspections in May 2017, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and dusk.  All inspectors will be wearing RDS logo shirts with high-visibility vests with a “Property Inspector” imprint and will carry photo ID badges.  Notification cards to the designated property owners have been mailed.

For the answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please click on the following link:  RDS FAQs – Property Appraisals 2017


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The Monmouth County Clerk has launched a free subscription service that allows Monmouth County property owners to have their name/property monitored within the Recording Division of the County Clerk’s Office to track possible fraudulent activity.  Registered users can choose to receive alerts via e-mail or by phone.

To subscribe on-line, go to , select “Monmouth County, NJ” and provide your name or business name.

To subscribe by phone, call 1-800-728-3858.

For additional information, click on the following link:  Free Property Fraud Protection Service



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